Fictional Vegans/Vegetarians

There is, of course, Mr. Spock from Star Trek, Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons and Bella and the vampires from Twilight. Goodreads has a list of 102 books with Vegan or Vegetarian characters. There’s even a publishing house that prefers novels with Vegan/Vegetarian lead characters. Ashland Creek Press has eco-fiction, books about animals as well as VegLit. So, I’d say there’s definitely a market for books, movies and television that features characters who do not consume animal products.

In my book The Demons We Cherish, the main character, Gemma Leighton, is Vegan. Here’s an excerpt:

“Very funny.” She shook out a packet of sugar, tore off the top and poured it into her tea careful to avoid eye contact with Ken. “Is the menu still the same?”

     “We made a couple of changes.” Ken turned in his seat and shouted ‘number twelve’ to the cook behind the counter. Turning back to face her he said, “You’re here for the funeral?”

     Gemma snorted. “I am the funeral.”

     A silent laugh shook Ken’s amble belly. “I don’t know. I’m betting the whole town shows up for this one.”

     Her eyes went wide. “No. Are you serious?” The last thing she wanted to deal with was a town full of busy-bodies.

     “Honey, nobody’s been able to talk, or think, about anything else for the last 48 hours. Thanks to the Pidgeon sisters most of the town showed up at the mansion the morning they were found. I heard the Sheriff chased everyone off by threatening to arrest ‘em.” He slapped the table and collapsed into a fit of laughter.

     The sheer joy on his face and in his voice was infectious. Gemma forgot her troubles for a minute and laughed along with him.

     When they had both calmed down, she wiped tears out of her eyes and took a sip of tea. “They made me executrix of their will.”

     Ken leaned forward. “Oh-ho! Executrix, huh? That can’t be good.”

     “No.” She thought about telling him about the second will, but decided to wait until she knew more about it. Gemma moved her glass as the waitress placed a large platter of creamy noodles and mushrooms with a side of steamed broccoli in front of her.

     “You’re still, Vay…vegh…you don’t eat meat, right?”

     Gemma laughed. “Vegan, yes.” She rolled up a forkful of noodles and ate. “It’s delicious.”

     A huge smile spread across Ken’s rumpled face. “With an almond milk cream sauce.”

     “Damn, Ken, I never would have believed it.” She popped a brown cremini mushroom into her mouth delighted that she hadn’t had to settle for a salad and a side of fries.

And another:

“Maddie then. It suits you.” Ken crossed his arms over his chest. “So, what can I get you two?” He snatched Gemma’s menu out of her hands. “I know what you want. It’s a new recipe. You’ll love it. What can I get for you Maddie? Anything you want. It doesn’t have to be on the menu.”

     “Ken likes to show off.” Gemma grinned at her old friend.

     “Hey, when you’re as good as I am, you have to share it with the world.” He held out his hands like he was granting a blessing.

     “He’s modest too.”

     When they finished laughing at themselves and each other, Ken asked Maddie again what she would like.

     “What’s Gemma having?”

     “It’s a surprise, and it’s delicious, but I should warn you, Gemma here’s a Veejun.”

     “Vee-gun. Vegan.”

     “What’s that?” Maddie asked.

     Ken jumped in before Gemma could answer. “That’s someone who doesn’t eat meat, or cheese, or milk, or eggs, or honey, or anything at all that comes from animals. It means she’s a pain in the neck, is what it means.”

     “Oh really? Is that why you have a whole section on your menu now for vegetarians and vegans?”

     “Yeah, well, the world is changing and I can’t stop it. So, what’ll it be, Maddie?”

     “I’ll have what Gemma’s having.”

Not all the characters in the book are Veggies, but there are no icky descriptions of cooked animal carcass either.

So, if you’re Vegan or Vegetarian I think you’ll enjoy The Demons We Cherish.

Available on Amazon, IBooks, B & N, Google and Kobo.



Author: dwkavanaugh

I live and write in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my husband, dogs Rosie and Belle, and the two feral cats that came with the cabin.

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