Lent Begins with Love

Lenten reflection

I subscribe to Bishop Robert Barron’s Lenten Reflections that are delivered to my inbox every morning. Now, I haven’t been observing Lent very well–okay, at all this year and this is the first message I’ve opened in the last three weeks.

But, it made an immediate impact on me. Putting God first in my life, giving him my all, is something I’ve always hesitated to do. I mean, I trust God, but how would my life change if I put God in charge? How would my heathen (and I say that with love) family react? Would I spend so much time at church and in prayer that there’d be no time or energy left for them? Would they start seeing me a someone they can’t relate too? And what about writing? I have to fight for time to work now and especially when I was involved in church ministry.

This, however, this I can do. Probably not very well because, let’s face it, there are people out there who are very hard to love. But, it is something concrete that I can work on for the sake of God. 

And, maybe in time the Lord will naturally become central in my life because God is Love and what he wants most is for us to let him love us. I believe that can only happen if we first learn to love each other. Even in the worst of times.