Going Beyond

I’ve been reading Bishop Robert Barron’s Letter to a Suffering Church these last two days, and as always with the good Bishop, it has given me much to think about. If you are like me and you’ve been struggling with your faith in the church after the McCarrick and Pennsylvania revelations, then click on the link above and order your free copy ASAP. It’s well worth the $5.95 in shipping costs.

It’s a short read at just over 100 pages, and an easy read, but if you’re like me, it won’t necessarily be a quick read. There are plenty of points in his letter that you’ll want to mull and pray over. Yesterday I came across a tidbit that I had to write down because it struck me as somewhat profound.

In the chapter Why Should We Stay? the Bishop writes about how Jesus’s teachings are meant to, in some cases radically, change us. Bishop Barron then refers to Mark 1:15 in which Jesus says we should “repent.” However, the original word “metanoiete” that is most often translated as repent literally means “go beyond the mind you have.”

Think about that for a minute. Let it roll around in your brain and work it’s way into your heart.

Go beyond the mind you have.

The mind formed by your childhood experiences and lessons. The mind influenced by secular media and culture, by politics, by teachers and professors, by friends and family. The mind influenced by your biological urges for pleasure: sex, food, comfort, love, acceptance. The mind influenced by our consumer culture’s belief that being rich, famous and powerful are the only goals worth pursuing.

When Jesus says metanoiete he’s not just telling us to recite our sins and ask for forgiveness. He’s telling us to go beyond this world where are minds are firmly entrenched and enter into a better world. His world. His mind. His life.

So much meaning packed into one little word.

Go beyond the mind you have.


Author: dwkavanaugh

I live and write in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my husband, dogs Rosie and Belle.

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