On the Road to (Self) Publication

The Demons We Charish 360x540 (Website)

There it is. My eBook cover. And print cover once the spine and back cover are completed. It seems I caught my cover designer at a bad time because it’s taking her weeks instead of days to finish it. But, that’s okay. I’m still twiddling with final edits, so no point in rushing the artistic process.

And, just in case you might be curious about the plot, here’s the back cover blurb:

The grandparents are dead and one of them was murdered.

Their adopted granddaughter, Gemma Leighton, doesn’t have time to mourn the two people who made her childhood a misery. That is, until she learns they made her the executor of their will. But, returning to Littleton means she must confront her nemesis, Thurgood Pruitt, the treacherous demon obsessed pastor that controlled her grandparents.

Taking up residence once again in the huge 187 year old mansion with its secret tunnels and twisted family history isn’t going to be easy for Gemma. She quickly discovers that the place is infused with an ancient magical power she never knew existed. And, before she can figure out how to stop the mansion from playing tricks on her guests, she finds clues that point to her grandparent’s real killer. The only problem is, no one is going to take the word of a magic mirror.

Yeah, it needs work. In my defense, it’s the first blurb I’ve ever written and I only had a day to work on it. I should have started working on it at least a couple of weeks before I requested the back cover design, but, I didn’t. Oh well. I’ll tweak it some more and hopefully my designer can plug in the changes.

There’s a lot more to self-publishing than you might think. I’ve been going a little nuts trying to line up all the parts and pieces involved, and of course, real life has done everything possible to make the process even more difficult. The end result is that my original publication date has been pushed back by about a month. What’re ya’ gonna do?

Time to get back to work on the next book.


Got into a conversation with a friend about northern Humboldt County. My husband and I have a house in the Humboldt Hill area two miles south of Eureka. We lived there for eight years and then decided to pack up and move to the Felton area so my husband could work full-time. We do plan to go back when he retires in five years, but sometimes it’s hard to wait. I love the north coast. The fog, the slower paced way of life, the beaches, the wildlife, the forests. I love all of it.

Driftwood beach
Typical foggy day
Hawk taking a break in our backyard
View of the bay